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28 august 2010

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However, it is just a mind set, the only thing that needs to be done to slip into these and walk sexy is the desire to do so and rest would be taken care off. The reasons that one should take all the pain and learn how to walk straight up wearing these elegant heels or any other from the house of Christian Louboutin Sandals replica range are as below:

- The most obvious reason that one would like to wear heels would be to stand tall. The people who are blessed with a good height are that thankful as they should be; only a vertically challenged person would know how it feels to have less than perfect or average height. 4-5 inches could easily be added to the total height. There are so many kinds of heels that one could walk comfortably in; it is not only the stilettos that one needs to walk in.

- Wearing heels with a pair of skinny jeans could make the ladies look a little sleeker than they actually are. As one would look taller, the short fat look is overshadowed and with a skinny pair of jeans the thigh and legs would be Classic Sandals . Wear a blouse which would pull together the excess fat on the upper part of the body and have a sexy walk with the heels on. There could be a complete transformation in the personality when a lady walks in heels.

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